A Different World Fashion: Charnele Brown as Kim Reese

This post is dedicated to Kim Reese, the underrated beauty. For some reason, people don’t talk about her beauty and style the way they talk about Whitley’s… As Kim matured, so did her fashion. She started out with very casual and colorful clothing and transitioned into a more sophisticated (yet still colorful) style.


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A Different World Fashion: Jasmine Guy as Whitley Gilbert

After I started the series with Lena, I of course had to do the star of the show: Whitley Gilbert. Whitley’s style was the complete opposite of Lena’s. Lena would buy clothes and then alter them to fit her creative personality but¬†Whitley¬†was more into high fashion, designer clothing.

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I don’t know what to say on here that wouldn’t be cliche but first post! I think I’m going to use this blog for multiple purposes like a portfolio and I might move some of my tumblr posts on here. I’ll figure it out eventually but something compelled me to make a blog so here I am!