A Different World Fashion: Jasmine Guy as Whitley Gilbert

After I started the series with Lena, I of course had to do the star of the show: Whitley Gilbert. Whitley’s style was the complete opposite of Lena’s. Lena would buy clothes and then alter them to fit her creative personality but Whitley was more into high fashion, designer clothing.

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“A Different World” Fashion: Jada Pinkett

On my tumblr, my most popular posts have involved A Different World. About 2 months ago, I started my Hillman Fashion Series and people really seem to love them. A lot of people are inspired by late 80s/90s fashion and say they’re using my posts as a guide or inspiration.

Here’s the post that started it all: Jada Pinkett (Smith) as Lena James

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I was watching “We’ve Only Just Begun” (s05ep01) and I saw Lena wearing a swimsuit over her jeans and it made me curious about some of the other wild/different things I’ve seen the other characters wear throughout the show. So, I just started going through the episodes, capturing different fashion moments and Hillman Fashion was born.

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